In 1996, Hayley Orr created Orr Solutions as a way to combine her love of words and flair for detail with the extensive knowledge she had gained while creating thousands of high-level corporate documents throughout her earlier roles as group secretary, marketing assistant, executive assistant, investor relations manager, and as a manager of professional serviced offices.

It seemed to be the perfect time to do so, as a gap existed in the market for a service that offered both high quality Word document polishing and proofreading services (together or individually), but on an ‘as needed’ basis. A service that offered an exceptional finishing touch to those all-important documents.

Orr Solutions has had the privilege of working with an amazing array of clients in many different industries. Based in Western Australia, Orr Solutions has naturally gained particular experience in the mining and exploration industry and is therefore very conversant with the myriad of terms and jargon used in that industry.

In 2010, audio transcription was formally introduced as the third service Orr Solutions offers. A certain amount of audio transcribing has always been required by some of Orr Solutions’ clients, so it was decided to provide it as a service in its own right. Over the past few years, Hayley has trained her daughter, Ashley to also become a high-level transcriber, and between the two of them offer a personalised and comprehensive transcription service specialising in the corporate investigation and university research space.

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